Trust a home grown heart to look after what is close to yours – YOUR FUTURE!

Nisha’s down to earth, approachable honest service is what you may have been missing. With Nisha, there’s no question of who’s staying on top of things. You’ve got one dedicated agent whose sole focus is on managing your property smoothly.

Nisha has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years, her father Nick and mother Annette have previously had 28 years of Real Estate Agency ownership. Nick is making a comeback into real estate, assisting with open houses, and Annette is all about the little touches gift deliveries that makes Nisha Property Management more personal.

Real estate runs through Nisha’s blood – Nisha started from the front desk and worked her way up the ladder over her career. Starting in administration allows you to know the
in’s and out of a real estate agency backbone. Through this time, Nisha has raised two amazing children, Noah and Lilah, who have been around real estate since they were
born. They have been instrumental in creating the brand Nisha Property Management. Plus, we can’t forget to mention Luna, she’s the family dog and mascot.

You will hear time and time again from landlords, “my property manager never calls me back”. This will not happen with Nisha Property Management; Nisha prides herself on
getting back to everyone in 24 hours or less. Your business is respected, you have shown trust in Nisha and that means something to Nisha.
If you need a licensed specialist who knows your local market intimately and can give you an achievable rental figure, not an inflated one (just to get your business).
You want your property manager to put people before profit, so service stays high – for you and your tenants.
Call Nisha 0482 838 058, she has built a reputation on this!

Nisha’s Agency Values


We take accountability in all areas and achieve extraordinary results


Belief in being genuine straight shooters


We strive to deliver clients’ needs ethically


Relationships with clients, community and staff are everything


The clients best interest is at the heart of everything we do 


We set the bar high, and we exceed expectations


We are humble, kind and respectful in all our dealings

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