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Tenant Description of Service

Leasing through Nisha Property Management PTY LTD will be an easy seamless process making sure we can make the move as stress free as possible. We will step you through each step and please ask any questions, no question is too small

During your tenancy

At the start of your lease, you’ll be given an in-going property condition report. We recommend you promptly fill out the report and return it to us, either via email or post, within 7 days of moving in. NB: If you spot any repairs to be made or any maintenance issues at this point, please email us about those separately or submit a repair request through the Tenant Portal.

The in-going property condition report solely relates to the condition the property is in on handover to you and we will revise this at your exit inspection, therefore it’s imperative to action this.

You will be given the legislative required time of notice; this is a great time to point out any issues to us with the property. If you cannot be in attendance, we will use a master set of keys and enter the property. Remember photos are taken for a detailed report to the landlord; please make sure you’re ready for your inspections.  In this competitive rental market, you want to make sure that is a positive report.

It’s important for you to pay your rent on time. We have provided you with MEPAY for ease in making your payments. You will also be provided with a tenant portal for 24/7 access to your tenancy information. Arrears are recorded on your rental ledger, which may harm your chances of success in future tenancy applications.

Any invoice you receive, say for water usage or other outgoing charges, should be made same way as you pay your rent – i.e. never directly to billers such as Hunter Water Board. We will always give you adequate time to make your payments.

As a tenant, you’re our eyes and ears. We rely on you to report any issues to us and as soon as practical. Repairs are classified as either Urgent or Non-Urgent, and these are defined in the Residential Tenancy Agreement.

If an urgent repair is needed out of office hours, PLEASE CALL OFFICE 0482 838 058

For Non-Urgent repairs, we ask that you email us. It helps if you can be as specific as possible – and let us know your access preferences. EMAIL nisha@nishapropertymangenent.com.au

If you’ve reported a repair and a tradesperson has not contacted you within 48 hours, do let us know.

In most cases, we’ll ask that you be at home to allow tradespeople access.

NB: We may need to wait for the landlord’s instructions before we can act on any Non-Urgent repair.

Tenants are responsible for changing batteries in smoke alarms if needed during the tenancy. Please advise us if you cannot reach the smoke alarm, as we are required to have them checked periodically. If smoke alarms are removed or tampered with, tenants will be responsible for the cost of their replacement. SMOKE ALARMS ARE URGENT REPAIRS

In most cases, we can’t guarantee we’ll be available to give you access with spare keys should you lock yourself out if it is outside business hours. In the event of a lockout, it will be your responsibility to arrange and pay for a locksmith. You are required to provide us with a copy of any new keys if locks are changed during your tenancy. You must ask permission and reason behind wanting to change locks

Pets must be approved by the landlord, please email your request and description of the pet. Once the landlord provides a decision, if approved. A clause will be emailed for signing.

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