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Switching Agents

Landlords think that switching agents is an enormous time-consuming headache. It’s not!

What many landlords don’t realise is, switching agencies can be as simple as giving written notice and the rest will be handled by your new agent on your behalf.

Nisha will handle the changeover from start to finish and your tenant will not be disrupted in any way. The whole process really is easy and stress-free.

What’s included with Nisha:

Repairs and Maintenance

Leave the coordination of all repairs, maintenance and minor refurbishments to us. We will call you to keep you updated, but do not stress it’s taken care of.

Property Access

We organise access for all appointments for you, liaising with tenants, tradespeople and so on.

Property Reports and Inspections

Detailed photographic reporting for all entry, exit and routine inspections. Protecting your investment.

Owner Portal

View your property information, plus current and historical statements. Check  inspection reports, keep track of maintenance jobs, any time you want with our 24-hour online owner portal.

Zero Tolerance Rent Arrears

We check rental payments daily monitoring arrears.

Commitment to Humanised Service

We tailor your service to your needs.

Rental Reviews

Maximise your  investment return for you.

Cutting Edge Marketing

Access to latest marketing and premium listing opportunities.


Taking care of your rental disbursements, payments of rates, invoices you require

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